Blackhawks’ Patrick Kane accused of Sexual Assault on online post

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Another day another mess Patrick Kane has on his hands. For those who remain unaware of Kane’s history, let’s rewind and start from the top. The Chicago Blackhawks took the talented winger with the 1st overall pick of the 2007 NHL Entry draft after his impressive 145 point season with the London Knights of the OHL, and it didn’t take long for the young forward to get himself into trouble. On August 9th 2009 Kane and his cousin got into an altercation with a Buffalo cab driver in which Kane allegedly punched the cab driver because the driver told him he did not have change for their fare, 20 cents. Kane would get off with a year probation after the charges were dropped to misdemeanors. The Blackhawks would then tell their he needed to clean up his act.

Chicago Blackhawks right wing Patrick Kane (88) chases the puck against the Detroit Red Wings in the first period of their pre-season NHL hockey game in Chicago, Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2015. (AP Photo/David Banks)Kane managed to stay out of the limelight, with the exception of his public drinking during the Blackhawks’ 2010 Stanley Cup parade, until 2012 when photos emerged of a seemingly blackout drunk Kane partying in Madison, Wisconsin. It was at this weekend getaway that Kane, according to some bystanders, allegedly choked a college girl at a fraternity party and got kicked off the party grounds. The Blackhawks continued to play the young forward, because to that point he had 369 points in 399 games and helped them win their first Stanley Cup in 49 years. Hoping the end of the drama was in sight, Patrick Kane agreed to take his mother with him to Switzerland during the NHL lock out to keep him out of trouble, but trouble would soon find Kane again.

In 2015, a Buffalo area woman came forward saying Patrick Kane has raped her after a night at a Buffalo club, a disturbing allegation that launched an investigation found Kane not guilty when the woman’s story was spotty and the mother claimed a “rape kit” was tampered with, a testimony police immediately shot down. Kane was lucky and got off again without much legal backlash, but it still begged the question; “why is Patrick Kane always being accused of violent crimes?” It cannot be a coincidence that all these people happen to make up stories involving Kane, right?

The end is not neigh however as Kane is linked to a story published to the popular blogging website Reddit when a user published a very detailed, and very graphic, story of her involvement with Kane in an LA club after the Blackhawks visited the LA Kings for a road series. The story goes into detail of Kane grabbing the woman, asking her to come home with him, and upon her refusal following her into the women’s bathroom to do a very disturbing act.

patrick-kane-rape-case-accuserNow, it should be noted that we do not know the name of this woman and Reddit is not a website with much validity to it as all content is user created. With this woman being an anonymous person, there is no merit or evidence to her testimony other than a truly bone chilling story. For those who dismiss her claims up front, one has to wonder what is this person’s motivation? Reddit is not known as a site you expose your identity on, and it’s not like it could be a “cash grab” because she has remained anonymous.

The scary thing is the story fits the violent nature of the other stories. There is a plane ticket showing the team’s departure after the game on 11/29/14 that has circulated the internet, showing they did not stay long enough for the described events; but there is also a tweet by Blackhawks forward Bryan Bickell on 11/30/14 saying, “cant wait to see my two girls again” which shows they possibly had not left just yet.

So whether you believe Kane is innocent or guilty of this most recent discretion, and we here at HBT Sports like to assume innocence before jumping to a guilty verdict for anyone until facts are made public, the bottom line from a sports perspective is that Kane and the Blackhawks must figure out a way of reigning in the All-Star and preventing putting himself in such situations.

But obviously the bigger picture here is that if Kane is truly the sexual predator that he has become associated with, it is up to the Blackhawks organization to judge whether the incredible talents that he possesses is not be worth the moral and PR disaster he is. The Baltimore Ravens cut Ray Rice, the Carolina Panthers cut Greg Hardy. If these stories become reality and not horrific fiction, then official charges or not, Chicago should look to do the same.


Derek Nadeau

Derek Nadeau is a 23 year old grad from Bridgewater State University. Born in Boston, MA he was raised on the Bruins, Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, and BC Eagles. He has played just about every sport under the sun, and loves every one of them. Outside of sports he enjoys reading, space exploration, video games and movies. Follow him on twitter @DNAD23.



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