NY vs KC: A City Comparison for World Series Insights

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The Royals and Mets face off in the World Series. Kansas City is hardly a surprise, losing to the Giants in last year’s World Series in a thrilling Game 7.

But the Mets? They finished off their 2014 season in late September against the (at the time) horrible Houston Astros. The most exciting thing to happen during that series was pop sensation Austin Mahone performing in Queens (I was there, but totally not for Mahone).

This preview will not look at flame-throwing pitchers who look like Thor or a Royals line-up that is a pain in the butt from top to bottom. There’s already a million of those including a pretty good one right here on HBT Sports.

Instead, I wanted to dig deeper, get more hard-hitting then everywhere else, and examine the clearly far more important aspects of this match-up. So how do we compare the Mets and the Royals? Simple. By comparing New York and Kansas City.



Let’s start with the shallow category, which of these cities looks better. New York is like that guy or girl who spends way too much time photo shopping/filtering/re-taking photos to put out a great image. Sure the profile picture makes them look attractive, and yes, you would probably hook-up with him or her. But in reality, it’s a five or six at best. Times Square and Central Park might look great on that postcard, but you don’t see the dirty subways, the trash on the sidewalks and the rats/roaches running around the city.

Kansas City is called “The City of Fountains” and has hundreds of those. It’s also called “Paris of the Plains,” not a great nickname, but gets the point across that there are a lot of attractive features to this place. While the New York City skyline is unbeatable because of the bright lights and tall buildings, Kansas City is a beautiful place with less trash, less rodents and less stench.

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This category is the hardest because both of these cities have damn good grub. Pulled pork sandwiches, brisket, ribs! Good barbecue food turns an average tailgate into an amazing tailgate, and Kansas City has some of the best BBQ in the nation.

However, New York City has the trump card – pizza. The best dang pizza in the world, and it is everywhere. You can walk down the street in Manhattan or Brooklyn and after three blocks you will pass like five pizza places, all of which are probably great. Also, pizza by the slice is how it should be all over the country. In Phoenix (where I’m from), 95% of places do not sell pizza by the slice. I do not want to do geometry to figure out if I should order the 12″ or 14″ or 16″ or 20″. Also, no ‘let’s split a pizza’ garbage. AND, none of this ‘half-pepperoni, quarter-mushroom, quarter-anchovies,’ crap when ordering. Everyone gets to pick out the slice they want.

EDGE: Mets



The fact that fans in Kansas City are so loud I can barely hear Joe Buck calling the game says a lot about the fans. I love watching this city go absolutely bonkers over its sports teams. Chiefs fans also have a reputation for being loud, and they make noise without giving themselves a stupid nickname (looking at you Seattle). The Royals also have Paul Rudd rooting for them, a big advantage. The one weakness – this guy – who brings moose antlers to the ballpark. That’s dumb, the team is called the Royals and you are pissing off all the fans trying to watch the game behind you. (Sidenote: does that guy have to pay for the seats to the right and left of him? There is no way I’m sitting next to some guy with 12 foot antlers hanging off the side of his head)

I have a lot of respect for Mets fans because of how invested they are in their team’s success. When my team loses I get disappointed, drink a beer and move on. When a diehard Mets fan sees a loss, it ruins the rest of the week. I mean Mets fans literally live and die with that team to an unhealthy extend. Oh, and Jerry Seinfeld is a fan.

EDGE: TIE, both these fans bases are solid.



An easy one. Kansas City has some great jazz, and going to a jazz club is a fun thing to do. But, New York City has clubs, bars, a million cool concert venues, live shows and more. If you go out in Kansas City, you’re going to get kicked out of the bar sometime after midnight. In New York, you can actually stay out all night long bouncing around from place-to-place.

EDGE: Mets


Other Sports Teams: 

What about the other sports teams in the area? Kansas City has the Chiefs and Sporting KC (Major League Soccer). The Chiefs have been a disappointment this year, Jamaal Charles going down put the dagger in any hope of making the playoffs. Alex Smith is the quarterback – Mr. Three & Out. The Chiefs last won a championship in 1970, Super Bowl IV, and do not have a conference championship. They are bad and have a history that consists of mostly being mediocre. Sporting KC won the MLS Cup in 2013 and clinched a playoff birth this year on the last day of the season.

New York has plenty of professional sports teams, but Mets fans (typically) also root for the Islanders, Jets and Knicks.  The Jets last one a Super Bowl in 1969, and like the Chiefs, have a history of being a bad team. That said, the Jets nearly beat the New England Patriots this past week and look like a respectable team this year. Ryan Fitzpatrick and his beard are making good decisions and have given life to the offense. The Islanders were a dynasty a while ago, and then were an embarrassment for decades, but hey, this season they could be great in their new arena in Brooklyn. I expect the Islanders to go deep in the Stanley Cup playoffs. The Knicks are terrible, were horrible last year, will stink this year, but they did won titles in the 1970’s!

EDGE: Mets


So after such a hard hitting, journalistic approach to breaking down the Fall Classic I think the answer is clear… Pizza trumps all.

Oh yeah, and the Mets will win in 5.


Kris Venezia

Kris grew up in the deserts of Phoenix, Arizona. He roots for all the teams in the valley and has only seen one championship in his entire life. He could write a book on all the reasons the NBA screwed the Suns out of winning a title when they clearly had the best, most exciting team in history with the Nash-Stoudemire combo. He now lives in New York City and complains about the weather 11 months of the year. Follow him on twitter @kvenezia



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