NFC Wildcard Recap: Seahawks Advance as Vikings Blow Game Late

Andy Cuello, NFL

Wild+Card+Round+Seattle+Seahawks+v+Minnesota+njnM1OREg5wlWhat happened: A frosty pillow-fight, that’s what happened. When you re-watch this game, and look at the box score, you would think that it was played in 1955. Due to a combination of the weather, the conservative game plans, and the two defenses, this game became everything that the NFL does not want its playoff games to be: slow-moving, between the hashes, and with a barren scoreboard. And at the end, there was the kick…I mean what can you say about Blair Walsh? You gotta feel bad for the guy, people don’t forget: wide right by Norwood was a 47-yard kick. Blair Walsh missed from 27. Damn.

Where HBT was right:

  • Seattle suffocated Bridgewater, (who by the way, is NOT a natural thrower at all) as he needed 27 dropbacks to sidearm his way to 146 yards. He did however lead what should have been the game-winning drive, and many a Vikings fan would be thinking about him differently had that kick gone through.
  • THAT’S IT!! The above is the literally the only thing I was right about…

Where HBT was wrong:

  • Russell Wilson was a non-factor (relatively). I thought he’d throw for twice as many yards as he did, clearly not giving enough credit to mother nature and how absolutely brick cold it would be out there. Baldwin bailed him out with a ridiculous catch on 3rd down, and caught his touchdown later. Over the years, Seattle has “paid their own” whether it was Wilson, Thomas, Sherman or even Lynch…they better pay Baldwin.
  • This game is not coming down to a missed kick, or a shanked 19-yard punt” …I actually said that verbatim.


imageOne more thing: In a game decided by a point, let’s look at what Zimmer did to get to the half. Happy with a 3-0 lead, he sat on the ball when he got it back at his own 9 with 1:05 left. Seattle, remember, had NO TIMEOUTS at the time. Logically, why wouldn’t you throw it the first two downs and be aggressive? Worse comes to worse you kneel the damn ball into the ground on third down and punt it out of bounds with no time left. Assuming you trust your franchise QB to not throw up on his own shoes with a TO, it’s not that big a gamble.


Andy Cuello

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