2015 AFC South Preview: Is it Indy’s Time?

Mike Giandomenico, NFL

Andrew Luck

Indianapolis Colts

2014 Record: 11-5, 45-7 L to NE in AFC Championship
2015 Record: 14-2, Super Bowl Participant
I’m calling my shot here.  The Colts will own the AFC in 2015.  Deflated balls or not, this team gave up a season’s worth of yards on the ground to New England in the AFC Championship game.  I’m not buying into the Frank Gore/Andre Johnson hype as much as everyone else — remember, time has a funny way of catching up to you.  But with Andrew Luck continuing his rise to superstardom along with a schedule that was hand delivered from Johnny Unitas himself, the only question remains: did they do enough to plug up the holes in that run defense that was gashed by…the Patriots?
Houston Texans
2014 Record: 9-7, missed playoffs
2015 Record: 8-8, miss playoffs
If only JJ Watt could throw the ball too.  Brian Hoyer, sure the guy has some unfinished business to take care of.  I mean, Cleveland yanked the starting job away from him when he looked poised to almost maybe lead the Browns to possibly coming close to seemingly being a kind of sort of playoff team.  The Texans defense will only get better with a healthy Jadeveon Clowney and Vince Wilfork coming on to anchor that line.  Scary stuff.  But this team will miss Arian Foster in a big way.  By the team he comes back, will it even matter?
Jacksonville Jaguars
2014 Record: 3-13, missed playoffs
2015 Record: 6-10, miss playoffs
It isn’t much, but its an improvement.  That defense is better than they get credit for.  Can you blame them?  They’ve had to deal with poor field position and lack of offensive plays from a borderline anemic offense.  I feel bad for Blake Bortles — he has the tools to look the part of an NFL QB, but can he take his game to the next level?  Behind a cast of characters such as Allen Robinson, Allen Hurn, TJ Yeldon, and Julius Thomas (once he returns, although I wasn’t a fan of this signing), its going to be a long season for the Jaguars.
Tennessee Titans
2014 Record: 2-14; Winner of the Mariota Sweepstakes
2015 Record: 4-12; Loser of the Mariota Sweepstakes
To be honest, I had a hard time finding 4 wins for this team.  If I were the Titans, I would have taken the alleged bounty that the Eagles offered for Super Mariota.  Can his game translate over to the NFL?  Will Bishop Sankey live up to his billing as a 2nd round running back?  Can Kendall Wright stay healthy for a whole season?  Will Batman and Robin escape the treacherous clutches of the Joker? Only one of those seems likely.


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